4th International Seminar
on Patient Safety and Clinical Excellence

Thursday, May 11th 2017
Hospital Universitario Fundación Jiménez Díaz (Madrid-España)



Esteemed collegues on healthcare:

In keeping with our commitment to promote patient safety and best practices in clinical care delivery, we present the 4th edition of the International Seminar on Patient Safety and Clinical Excellence.

In our globalized world, the spread of ideas is now a matter of fact, and the health-care industry is no exception. Concern for improving patient safety is now pervasive, particularly in countries with well-developed and advanced health-care systems. However, knowledge of the experiences and groundbreaking initiatives undertaken in other countries never ceases to add value, especially if these developments come from highly prestigious institutions renowned for their approach to improving patient safety. This sharing of ideas is the seminar’s reason for being, and as such has made it a point of reference among health-care professionals interested in this issue.

In this, as in other editions of the seminar, we present experiences and improvement initiatives undertaken in other countries, primarily the United States, where there are forward-looking institutions and highly prestigious thought leaders in patient safety, providing a rich counterpoint to our European perspective.

The two speakers from the U.S. are affiliated with world-renowned institutions in both clinical excellence (the Lown Institute) and forward-thinking care delivery.

Our third speaker will provide insights from one of Europe’s largest health-care firms.

As in previous years, we will take this opportunity to hand out the awards for outstanding initiatives in patient safety.

Both initiatives represent modest contributions to knowledge of best practices in patient safety, seeking to stimulate design and execution of such programs within the Spanish health-care system.


The organizing committee